Kind Words

Isn’t it nice when other people are so impressed by your service that they want to share their experiences with everyone! Here A Lavish Affair clients share their personal stories…

Mia & Dave

A busy career woman planning her Melbourne wedding from Queensland

“The only request my (now) husband had when it came to planning our wedding was that it not be stressful. We therefore decided to spare ourselves the arguments and ensuing drama and find a wedding planner. Deciding on A Lavish Affair took all of one day; Marisa’s keen eye for detail and creative flair was immediately obvious and after one chat, I felt she instantly understood what we wanted….and what we didn’t.

The whole process was ridiculously fun as Marisa presented us with all the options and we would just say yay or nay rather than running around like crazy. Everyone remarked at just how relaxed Dave and I were leading up to and on our wedding day. In fact 3 days before the wedding I had nothing to do so went and did all my Christmas shopping.

Our wedding surpassed even my expectations at just how beautiful it was, not to mention the glowing compliments we received. ‘Best. Wedding. Ever’ was repeated over and over by our guests. Of course that is secondary to the fact that Dave and I loved every single minute and would do it again in a heartbeat. We didn’t have to concern ourselves with a single thing other than just enjoying ourselves and taking in everything A Lavish Affair so elegantly put together to create the most memorable day I could have ever wished for.”

Andrea & Brian

After watching their wedding video…reliving the moment

“…we held hands as we watched the ceremony and the exchanging of our vows. The raw video shows you in the background making the whole event happen soooo smoothly. The photos were amazing. We had too much trouble selecting just 20 pages so we ended up with 66! Absolutely worth it though as it really tells the story and showcases the day and the theme so well. You did such an amazing job Marisa and we will be forever grateful – I really mean that. THANK YOU. The photos of the reception in particular are amazing and we have dedicated a few pages in our book to showcase how beautifully you executed the theme – you really made it (what we wanted and dreamed of) come to life…”

Crystal & Migara

Who wanted something out of the ordinary

“I was very time poor, but A Lavish Affair was really organised, and came up with gorgeous ideas. When I decided to go for mint coloured roses, which are so unusual, sourcing them was a challenge. But Marisa made all the calls and came through for us. To know on the day that one person handles everything was fantastic – just a single point of contact for any issues. With Marisa running around checking everything, it was something Migara and I didn’t have to worry about. Everyone had a great time, everything went according to plan – even the weather was beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Melissah & Rob

Arrived home in Australia from the USA just three weeks before her wedding

“The one and only Miss Marisa helped me pull together the most beautiful and most organised day of my life. Her enthusiasm and friendship instantly put me at ease. Not only did she treat me like a princess, but she also took care of my guests and suppliers. Who knows what problems arose at my wedding? I was too busy having fun!”

Rachelle & Anthony

Who hired a wedding planner after enduring a stressful engagement night

“We organised our engagement ourselves, with 80 people at a restaurant and on the night there was a lot of human error, like food coming out in the wrong order. I was constantly worried and I didn’t enjoy myself. Both Anthony and I said we don’t want this stress on our wedding day. We interviewed three wedding planners, and Marisa really stood out. The professionalism of her website really struck me. And she came across as a best friend. I really enjoyed talking to her, and we had fun. She put forward ideas, helped us with our budget, and proposed a change of venue from a winery in Red Hill to Montsalvat in Eltham. She took everything on board. Not having to worry about a thing, it really made the whole day. Every cent we spent on her service was worth it.”

Janine & Scott

Who lost her invitation supplier just weeks before her invites were due to be mailed

“One of our main suppliers disappeared with our deposit three months before the wedding. That was five weeks before I needed my invites to go out. I went into serious panic mode but Marisa was so comfortable and easy to talk to. She spent four hours at our initial consultation, and went above and beyond the whole way through. In our case, a wedding planner was an absolute lifesaver. Our function co-ordinator really let us down on the day, setting tables incorrectly and missing special meals. It would have been an absolute disaster without A Lavish Affair.”

Hayley & Matt

A year on and we receive these beautiful words

“12 months ago you planned our fairytale wedding down to the very finest detail, we will be forever grateful for your beautiful work! Thank you A Lavish Affair for all your hard work & upmost dedication! Matt & I are celebrating our 1st year anniversary back at the Werribee Park Mansion – much love xxx”

Vivien Lum & Andrew Wang

A Perth Couple who sought our assistance

What a wonderful day…Vivien and I would like to thank you for all your help in achieving such a great wedding. All our guests have mentioned that this wedding was the best that they have attended, and that’s mostly to your credit A Lavish Affair.  Thank you also for the Vera Wang Cake Set, we have it in our display case at home

Grooms brother and MC for the night Tim Wang

Thank you for the wonderful night again and my god the styling, amazing! The weekend festivities have continued…you all did a great job and we went home with the essentials including your wonderful gift.  Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Suzi & Peter

Expressed her thoughts in a poem

To Marisa, My Purse.
You held my ideas –
You held my concerns –
You held my memory –
You held my sanity –
You held my hand –
You held so much more
than my lipstick.”