December 18, 2014

How Do I Reduce My Guest List?

seating plan


Need to restrict your guest numbers? It may seem difficult, but put them in order of priority. Starting with your bridal party and immediate family, work your way down through closest friends, extended family, parents friends and so on. If you need to reduce your numbers start at the bottom and work your way up your list. If your numbers are very tight and you have a group of friends who know each other, limit their plus ones. It is important that guests are not on their own and if you do limit plus ones, there are other friends invited for company. 

If you do need to make large cuts, remove whole groups such as work colleagues or cricket club mates, as it is less likely to offend if no one from their circle is invited. Consider inviting these guests to attend your ceremony. Depending on your venue, whether the ceremony is outdoors or a church, there is often more seating available and you are not paying per head! 


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